Participate in the Matheson Community

Fancy yourself a people-person? Good, because at Matheson there are always people to meet and things to do!

Our Tenant Association and Social Club (elected by you) is always busy planning and hosting everything from birthday parties to bingos, coffee mornings to social dances, twice weekly “Fit-For-Life” classes, floor curling, shuffleboards, darts, pool and more.

A twice-monthly bus service takes residents grocery shopping, or on social outings to the theatre or the casino.

You’ll find the upcoming events posted in the monthly newsletter, in the Main Hall and online. 

When it comes to event planning, the Matheson Tenants Association (elected by tenants) picks different activities for seniors. They make sure every voice is heard and acknowledged. While summer is typically the time when residents enjoy the outdoors and different festivals, winter is when Matheson really steps up. We offer fitness, bingo, karaoke, dances, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s parties and so much more! That is one of the biggest advantages of living here: whether you enjoy socializing or having more time to yourself, you have choices!