Participate in the Matheson Community

Matheson Seniors Residence has our own Gazette! On the 20th of each month our residents get information on upcoming events, latest news, services and the new tenants that join our family each month. Members appreciate staying up to date on everything, it gives them a chance to choose exactly what they enjoy doing and plan accordingly with their friends. An events calendar is available at the Main Hall and online.

When it comes to event planning, the Matheson Tenants Association (elected by tenants) picks different activities for seniors. They make sure every voice is heard and acknowledged. While summer is typically the time when residents enjoy the outdoors and different festivals, winter is when the Matheson Residence takes over. We offer fitness, bingo, karaoke, dances, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s parties and so much more! That is one of the biggest advantages of living here: whether you enjoy socializing or having more time to yourself, you have choices!

“I appreciate the committee we elect! They collect anonymous feedback from tenants and bring it directly to the decision makers! And the fact that they have the freedom to resolve some issues on their own, it is rare! We really have a say in the way things run here!”

– Pat

“I love it here! I love the surroundings, and I REALLY like my apartment! The happiness, the laughter of the staff makes me happy! I can hear them laughing from the sunroom, and it makes my day!”

– Mary

“Matheson is affordable. Great location and offers great services! Has thermal heating which is good for the environment.”

– Margaret

“It is kid friendly! I can bring my grandson and we play cards together quite often in the Lounge.”

– Peter

“I’ve been here for 4 years! I personally love the opportunities to socialize, doing puzzles together and the freedom to explore my hobbies: knitting, bingo, microphotography.”

– Edgar