Join a welcoming and empowering community at Matheson

We are a not-for-profit company dedicated to bringing Edmonton’s seniors population an affordable place to call home. We believe that a safe and convenient home is a vital foundation for a happy life.

Our Purpose

A not for profit residence dedicated to providing affordable housing to the Edmonton seniors. Taking pride in contributing to safer and more dignified lives for seniors with low-income.

Our Vision

Supportive Communities that enable every person to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

To build and maintain shelter and other physical assets, to foster the health and growth of the community.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Equity and control
  • Financial viability and growth
  • Partnering with other community-focused organizations

Rob Appleyard

Yvonne Brown
Tenancy Support Agent

Herman Costa
Maintenance Supervisor

Arthur Turyijuka
Marketing & Leasing

Maegen Stout
Bookkeeper/Human Resources

Jim Reynolds
Tenancy Manager

Rachel Hebert
Housekeeping Supervisor

Dave Buist
Chief Finance Officer

About Brentwood

Matheson Seniors Residence is a part of Brentwood Community Development Group, a not for profit organization that aims to provide affordable housing to the Edmonton community. At Brentwood, we believe that a stable, financially self-sufficient housing plays a key role in helping those with lower incomes thrive. Our mission is to build and maintain shelter and other physical assets, to foster the health and growth of the community.

“I appreciate the committee we elect! They collect anonymous feedback from tenants and bring it directly to the decision makers! And the fact that they have the freedom to resolve some issues on their own, it is rare! We really have a say in the way things run here!”

– Pat

“I love it here! I love the surroundings, and I REALLY like my apartment! The happiness, the laughter of the staff makes me happy! I can hear them laughing from the sunroom, and it makes my day!”

– Mary

“Matheson is affordable. Great location and offers great services! Has thermal heating which is good for the environment.”

– Margaret

“It is kid friendly! I can bring my grandson and we play cards together quite often in the Lounge.”

– Peter

“I’ve been here for 4 years! I personally love the opportunities to socialize, doing puzzles together and the freedom to explore my hobbies: knitting, bingo, microphotography.”

– Edgar